Dogs (and their derpiness) bring smiles to our faces every day.

Most pet parents spend their days gushing over the new adorable or funny thing their pet did, and, of course, take a zillion pictures of it (my phone is overloaded anyway).

Well, there is a “new” snapshot-worthy, cuteness-overload thing your pet might do. Wondering what it is?

The sploot.

Corgi Sploot with Petcube

The Mystery of Splooting

What is a sploot? In case you haven’t been on Reddit lately, or browsed cute corgi photos online, chances are you have no clue what I’m talking about. But you should, because it’s as adorable as it gets.

Splooting is just a fun word (thank you, people of the internet!) that’s used to describe a certain cuter-than-button pose. More precisely, this one here:

Corgi Splooting
Credit to VentusTheCorgi

If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen them in this hilarious position. Instead of tucking their legs underneath them while they’re lying down, they stretch out their hind legs flat- something like a doggie pancake.

This is the original sploot definition. However, there are also similar variations of this silly pose:

  • Legs flat and stretched to the side
  • Just one leg flat and stretched

Why Do Dogs Sploot?

Why do dogs do all of the silly, goofy things they usually do? We might never know, but do we need a reason to enjoy their derpiness? If your curiosity is getting the better of you, here are some prevailing theories about why dogs sploot:

  • They do it to cool off
  • Stretching out feels good
  • It’s a form of dogga, also known as canine yoga (just kidding!)

Pug Splooting
Credit to @roxyandherpearls

Not every dog stretching is considered splooting. Sometimes, dogs who stretch their legs do that because they’re in pain, which could be caused by diseases such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, so make sure that you rule out any medical problems before you go aww!

Do Only Corgis Sploot?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, everybody does it! OK, maybe not everybody, but it’s not a breed-specific cuteness. The corgi sploot is just the most popular because… Well, because corgis are furry bundles of silliness that rule the internet, paw to paw with cats.

Splooting Dogs
Credit to @paulinavls

If you still haven’t caught your dog doing the trendy sploot, it doesn’t have to mean they can’t or won’t do it. Try catching them in the action on Petcube pet camera - who knows, maybe they only feel like splooting when they have their privacy!

How About Cat Splooting?

Are you seriously wondering if there’s anything dogs can do that cats can’t? Except, well, be bothered to entertain us.

Cat splooting
Credit to @shalimar_little

The cat sploot is a thing, of course. Kitties are well-known for their ridiculous, bendy poses, and it’s no surprise that splooting is one them. Although, you might have more luck catching them making biscuits or loafing.

If you ever caught your pet doing the sploot, don’t keep it all to yourself - share their adorable picture in the comment section below!