Petcube is celebrating pet dads and grads with the unleash of new Petcube Care perks from our friends at Whistle and Wisdom Health. It's a great time to gift Petcube cameras coupled with 10/30 Day Petcube Care membership. Care members can save hundreds of dollars a year on pet care.

Uncover your pup's secrets

Eligible 10/30 Day Care members can now save $20 on a Whistle 3 tracker and keep tabs on your adventurous BFF wherever he or she may roam. Eligible Care members save $10 on the Wisdom Panel 4.0, the leading canine DNA test. Uncover your dog's ancestry, breed traits, and gain life-saving insights with health screenings.

93% of Petcube parents worry about their pets when they're away from home.

June Petcube Care Perks Whistle Pet Tracker and Wisdom Health DNA Test Kit

Peace of Mind

A Petcube Bites 2 treat camera, together with a leading GPS tracker like Whistle 3 can alleviate top concerns when it comes to leaving your pet home alone. Got travel plans? With the dog days of summer coming up, monitor your four-legged BFF's activity and location with a Whistle 3 GPS tracker, which can be easily clipped on their collar. Then say hello or catch your pet in the act with a Petcube camera.

33% of Petcube parents worry about their pet's health.

Dog wearing Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

DNA Results to the Rescue

Wisdom Panel 4.0 is considered the leading dog DNA test with a database of over 250+ breeds, types and varieties. With more pet parents adopting their pet, many of us are in the dark about our pup's ancestry, breed mix, and inherited health conditions. Using the kit, all you need to do is to swab your dog's cheek to get a DNA sample, and mail it in to get detailed results and analysis.

A mix dog sitting on the ground

Gift Petcube Care Packs

Give that special pet dad and grad the Petcube treatment. Save up to $119 when you bundle a one-year Care membership plan with a Petcube camera. Online exclusive offer only at

Petcube Care partner perks

Petcube Care opens up the best pet care perks from leading partners like Trupanion insurance, Ollie, Audible,, Vetted, DOGTV, RelaxMyDog, Basepaws, Canvaspop, and more.

With summer travels upon us, hook your BFF with the best in care and never miss a moment.

Here's to all the pet dads!

Young man holding a Beagle on his shoulders