Petcube Care has gotten a major upgrade. Petcube Care is now membership for Pet Parents. Being a parent is rewarding and challenging. Long working hours and a neverending list of to-dos means everything is important. We want to help you with your load, so you can be the best pet parent possible.

With a Petcube Care membership, you still get 3, 10, or 30-day video cloud history, 24/7 pet activity timeline, 30-second video clips, and 2-year device warranty.

What's different? Membership now unlocks exclusive savings from pet care partners. Get access to benefits on medical insurance, pet sitting and walking, entertainment to calm and relax your pet, expert advice, and product savings on Us. We’ve teamed up with Trupanion, Rover, Audible, DOGTV, and Vetted as we curate some of the best pet care options. And, we’re just getting started!

Petcube Care Membership for Pet Parents Perks

Ready to unlock savings?

If you’re an existing Petcube Care member, you’ll get immediate access to partner benefits. Just login into your Petcube account profile. If you’re not already a Care member, pick a plan and join us. For more information, visit the Care membership FAQs.

Be a hero

You feel guilty leaving your pet home alone. Separation anxiety is a real problem. According to a recent report in Euromonitor, 1 out of 4 dogs may be suffering from depression caused by the stress of being left alone.

As a Petcube camera owner and Care member, take proactive steps to be a hero to your pet. Never miss a thing with 24/7 video history, extended video clips, and activity alerts. See something that worries you? Take action and talk to your vet or trainer.

Protect your pet

You wanted a Petcube camera to monitor and stay connected with your pet. You care about your pet's wellbeing. Medical insurance and regular checkups with a licensed vet are foundational in promoting a long, happy life for your companion. We teamed up with Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for pets, so we can help our Care members save on monthly premiums. We’re also working with Vetted, an in-home vet care provider, as a great on-demand resource.

Save them from stress

Boredom and stress from separation anxiety can trigger depression. DOGTV and Audible for Dogs are therapeutic entertainment options to foster calm, relaxed behavior. Keep your pets occupied, so they’re not worrying when (and if) you’re coming back home. Audio-visual entertainment, using a 5-star sitting/walking service like Rover, and regularly checking in with a Petcube camera, will help nurture a happy, healthy pet. Petcube is more than a window into your pet's world. Take a break, say hello, and treat your pet. You can make a difference in your pet's wellbeing.

Be an Inspiration to Pet Parents

We’re inspired by you and our amazing community. Through our Petcube Rescue program, we work with over 50 rescue groups and our family is growing. Download the free Petcube App (iOS / Android), and start playing with rescues.

As a Petcube Care subscriber, you get discounts on, so you can add Petcubes to your home and gift Petcubes to friends and family.

Thanks for inspiring us everyday!

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